26 Aug

Looking at the top 100 (reported) highest priced .net domain name sales of all time it is pretty clear to see that the majority of them are not even being used; what a shame. The list below ($8.8 million dollars in domain sales) illustrates how the majority of people buying .net domains over the years are either investors or those who feel that these premium .net domains are not worth building a foundation on.

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 The great majority of these .net domains either redirect, are parked or do not resolve at all; not a good sign if you have been building a portfolio of .net domains. Even many of them that are at least developed, look to be sitting waiting to be completed or launched, such as DIY.net (launching soon – since 2015)

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Out of the entire list, just 30 are developed – and about 10 of those look like total spam/garbage content sites. There is only a handful of domain names below that appear to have somewhat solid businesses built on them, or at least otherwise appear that people might actually use the sites on a continual basis; such as mobile.net, bike.net, lottery.net, bingo.net and coffee.net. We could be talking about a measly 5-10% of actual realistic use here with these domains. his is a generic blog article you can use for adding blog content / subjects on your website.

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poker.net067,777 USD44283NameExperts
mobile.net677,777 USD41745Uniregistry
sex.net565,677 USD38856T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
porn.net577,777 USD39491SnapNames
realestate.net877,777 USD39119Private
lottery.net447,777 USD40408Sedo
recovery.net477,777 USD42386Private
diy.net477,777 USD39400domainclub.org
pisos.net910,677 USD39770Sedo
cdn.net916,777 USD40989Uniregistry
chinese.net917,777 USD40593Sedo
yes.net906,777 USD41885PremiumURLs.net
ringtones.net906,777 USD39308Moniker
cars.net907,777 USD40723UpMarketDNs
99.net967,777 USD41885Uniregistry
pizza.net967,777 USD41549PremiumURLs.net
news.net967,777 USD38596Private
mortgage.net953,777 USD39049T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
skweezer.net955,777 USD44227GoDaddy
95.net957,777 USD42162eNaming
creditcard.net981,777 USD40821Private
onlinekredit.net989,777 USD40555Sedo
jesus.net945,880 USD40032Sedo
casas.net947,387 USD39811Sedo
creditcards.net991,677 USD39046Moniker
co.net977,777 USD43030Aishwin.com
84.net977,777 USD40703Private
onlinekredit.net977,777 USD40549SnapNames
pengyou.net977,777 USD40352Sedo
net.net977,777 USD38322Private
viajes.net37,895 USD39435Sedo
anal.net37,777 USD39687Moniker
08.net10,777 USD43373Sharjil Saleem
alex.net16,777 USD44255GoDaddy
career.net16,777 USD42447Sedo
viajes.net18,035 USD39405Sedo
gold.net19,677 USD40632Sedo
arc.net17,777 USD44017Morgan Linton
coiffurefemme.net00,667 USD39728Sedo
my.net02,217 USD40899Sedo
my.net06,367 USD40912Sedo
houses.net06,777 USD39273T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
hot.net05,167 USD41024Sedo
hot.net05,400 USD41038Sedo
fm.net07,777 USD43984Sedo
app.net07,777 USD43083Sedo
odds.net07,777 USD42745Uniregistry
oto.net23,586 USD41332Aziz Serkan KILIC
lyrics.net26,777 USD40333Private
searchengineoptimization.net24,677 USD40144Afternic
oge.net24,777 USD43815Sedo
horseracing.net27,777 USD43647Sedo
16.net27,777 USD42841Sharjil Saleem
juegos.net27,777 USD42761Uniregistry
bj.net27,777 USD42382NameJet
3dprinter.net27,777 USD41612Sedo
bike.net27,777 USD41584Uniregistry
shemales.net27,777 USD39687Moniker
camping.net27,777 USD39280T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
playgroundequipment.net63,577 USD40486Afternic
rz.net61,977 USD42361NameJet
sluts.net61,777 USD39687Moniker
bingo.net62,677 USD38895Sedo
bankruptcy.net62,467 USD40105SnapNames
click.net62,777 USD39422Sedo
dj.net66,677 USD42389NameJet
tau.net66,777 USD44255GoDaddy
coffee.net66,777 USD42447Sedo
fz.net66,777 USD42375NameJet
jr.net66,777 USD42297NameJet
sudoku.net64,128 USD43748Sedo
baseball.net64,677 USD39540T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
fishing.net64,677 USD39491SnapNames
career.net64,677 USD39141Sedo
italy.net64,777 USD40415Media Options
pf.net69,047 USD42368NameJet
rs.net67,277 USD42354NameJet
esports.net67,777 USD42821Sedo
offer.net67,777 USD41675Sedo
safe.net67,777 USD40828DomainHoldings
healthcare.net67,777 USD40774NameJet
asia.net67,777 USD39617T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
beijing.net67,777 USD39491SnapNames
model.net67,777 USD39183Moniker
2012.net53,333 USD40380Afternic
onlinecasino.net53,333 USD39422Sedo
filmschool.net53,679 USD39562Afternic
pferde.net53,566 USD42436Sedo
zshare.net53,767 USD44406DropCatch
re.net53,777 USD42332NameJet
ml.net51,688 USD42340NameJet
tomorrow.net51,492 USD43637Sedo
qq.net52,194 USD40149Sedo
descargas.net52,477 USD39998Sedo
gamble.net52,946 USD41067Sedo
7777.net52,767 USD42325DropCatch
instawidget.net56,677 USD44405GoDaddy
buy.net56,567 USD38867T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
utn.net56,777 USD44635Sedo
movies.net56,777 USD44021Sedo
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